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AC Cleaning Services


"AC Repair Services at your doorstep "
- with UrbanMop

"UrbanMop can help you keeping your home cool and Chill during the HOT Summer of UAE!"

AC is one of the prime blisses of our day to day life, after a fight with the bright sun and tiring travel, the AC blows benevolent breeze of relief.

But, every time you don’t get it service, it loses 5% of its overall efficiency. We can save you from suffocation and hot temperature within your place with quality AC maintenance services in UAE.

Regular maintenance keeps your air healthy, reduces energy costs up to 25% and extends the life span of the unit.

UrbanMop Trained Experts can help in:

  • > AC Chiller Repair Service
  • > Central AC Repair services
  • > Refrigerant Leakage Issue
  • > AC Duct Cleaninng & Repair
  • > And Other Minor & Major AC Service

What AC Cleaning Service Offers:

UrbanMop AC Service Includes:

  • > Complete & Detailed Service Report.
  • > Filters & grills cleaning.
  • > Indoor & outdoor fan motor check.
  • > Refrigerant pressure check.
  • > Outdoor Condenser coils & evaporator cleaning.
  • > Drain tray inspection & cleaning.
  • > Thermostats check.
  • > And Other Service.

UrbanMop AC Service Excludes:

  • > Parts & Material Replacements, Insulation Works.
  • > Gas Charging, Repairs, Cooling Coils Wash.
  • > And Other Extra requirements.

*We help you to improve your healthier, comfortable living .*

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