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Disinfection Services


"Get your Home Germs free by health experts" - with UrbanMop

"UrbanMop can provide complete Sanitation and Disinfection of yoru place with team of experts!"

Live a healthy lifestyle by getting our routine Sanitisation and disinfection services. If you are looking for Sanitisation and disinfection services in Dubai, contact Urban Mop. Urban Mop is a committed company to give environment-friendly, affordable, and safe Disinfection and Sanitisation services in Dubai. We utilize 100% secure, eco-friendly, and bio-degradable chemicals to destroy 99.9% of germs from your house, office, garage, hospital, or shop. Get regularly, quarterly, or annual Sanitisation or disinfection service at the best prices by Urban Mop!

Germs are present everywhere. From your fingers to the towel, everything is controlled with germs. Some of them are dangerous enough to transmit life-threatening infections. You can only withdraw from this harmful situation by routine cleaning and disinfection services in Dubai. Life is like a robot in Dubai. No one has time to do regular cleaning. As a consequence, you are assembling millions of germs in your surroundings. Urban Mop offers solutions to your cleaning problems.

Say goodbye to SARS-COV2, E.coil, Vibrio cholera, and other pathogens at your place! Our featured sterilization and Disinfection services Dubai:

Sanitisation & Disinfection Service Offers:

  • > No need to relocate anywhere.
  • > Kills all germs (bacteria, alga, viruses, molds, fungus, protozoa, etc.)
  • > Use globally approved, non-corrosive, and non-caustic chemicals for Home Disinfection Services.
  • > Availability of all essential tools and machines.
  • > Professionally trained team members.
  • > In-depth inspection of the area.
  • > Give discounted opportunities for routine sterilization or disinfection services.
  • > Affordable service for residential, industrial, and commercial services.

What UrbanMop Trained Experts can do::

  • > Use Vital Oxide and Bacoban disinfectants
  • > Health Hygenic disinfectant.
  • > Kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.
  • > Break down into simple salt-producing with no harmful byproducts.
  • > The disinfection process is applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime at your facility.
  • > Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals and proven to be safe for humans and pets.
  • > Affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of a recall or outbreak.

*We help you to improve your healthier, comfortable living .*

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