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Electrical Services


"Electrical Services to your Door steps" - with UrbanMop

"UrbanMop can be at your door steps with the team of service professionals!"

The electrical connections of your home is like its central system. Even a small issues can lead to major inconvenience. But, when it comes to managing electrical connections, it should only ever be assessed and carried out by qualified and experienced professionals. To save you from all worries & unnecessary expenses on repairs, UrbanMop comes to the rescue with all services at affordable rates.

UrbanMop ensure that your electrical connections should stay in compliance with all statutory codes & current wiring regulations of DEWA, SEWA & all other authorities of the UAE. UrbanMop experts also advice you with preventive measures to ensure your safety as well as a long life for our electrical system & appliances.

What's Deep Cleaning Service Offers:

Service Includes

  • > Switching & Outlets.
  • > Lighting & UPS Systems.
  • > Replacement of burnt out power sockets.
  • > Central Battery Systems.
  • > Standby Generators & Capacitor Banks.
  • > ATS Panel.
  • > Distribution Systems viz., MDBs, SMDBs & DBs.
  • > Supply, Protection & Control Devices.
  • > Identification and rectification of loose electrical connections.
  • > Identification of overloaded circuits and rectification in order to prevent over-heating.
  • > Identification and replacement of corroded wires or cables.
  • > Complete & detailed service report
  • > And other services are available

Service Excludes

  • > Any electrical Parts and materials.
  • > Any major civil works at site.

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