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Laundry Services


Save Yourself Time, Money, and Stress with UrbanMop Laundry.

UrbanMop provide the best services to ensure that hygiene & customer satisfaction is on our top priority.

Our staff consists of experts with experience and knowledge of multiple types of fabrics, garments and know how to clean them.

UrbanMop is special because it is open to all for a live view of dry cleaning.

Leave your tension behind and we will bring your favorite clothes in perfect condition.

UrbanMop Laundry Offers:

  2. Our service is designed around the gentle and discrete care required for your personal laundry and dry cleaning.
  3. Clothing, delicates, and linens (even throw rugs and car covers!) get individual care from our cleaning specialists.

  5. UrbanMop provides commercial & industrial laundering and dry cleaning services to a varied and growing list of businesses.
  6. UrbanMop provides services to Railways, Airlines, Hotels, Service Apartments, Salons Clubs etc.

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