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Swimming Pool Cleaning Services


"Swimming Pool Cleaning Service" - with UrbanMop

"UrbanMop can provide complete cleaning of your swimming pool at your place with team of experts!"

Swimming Pool is best place to chill, relax and refresh, that is the last place you would want any form of dirt to stay.

UrbanMop is here to take up the load so that you can relax in a clean and clear Swimming Pool.

UrbanMop do Cleaning to Maintaining the swimming pool as per requirements. Prices to be confirmed upon inspection.For as low as AED 499.

UrbanMop Trained Experts can help in:

  • > Skimming of water surface and removal of debris.
  • > Brushing off dirt from pool walls, bottom, overflow gutters.
  • > Supply, dosing, application and balancing of pool water chemicals as per DM Pool Safety Guideline.
  • > Performing water testing (Cl, PH, Tem) and producing traceable records.
  • > Performing visual and performance inspection of pool, pool lights, plant room MEP equipment for any leakage or breakdown.

*We help you to improve your healthier, comfortable living .*

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