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Washing Machine Care Tips


Washing Machine Usage Guide
– Urbanmop, Dubai

Learning how to use a washing machine is not as difficult as some people think. However, many learn and remember what to do with machines only after damage has occurred. Therefore, the most common mistake in a washing machine comes from ignorance, which can prove to be costly repairing a washing machine or to fix washing machine. Specially in cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi.
There are lot's of way to keep your machine upto date, please read-out the below tips and tricks to keep your machine running perfect.

Check the following list to avoid in the washing machine.

1. Don't wash everything:
What I mean here is that the washing machine is just for washing clothes. Putting items in machine that don’t belong to it such as metallic hooks, coins, belt buckles, cuff links or any similar things not only it can damage machine, but the glass door might also break, leaving your machine in urgent need of repair.

2. Overloading:
By cramming lots of clothes as possible and thinking that your laundry may finish early, can be dangerous for your machine as it can only damage it. Spinners need some space to function properly. If you pack it all the way to the edge, how can you expect to wash your clothes if you don't have enough space to move them?

3. Improper balancing:
The washing machine is a powerful machine and the spinner needs to rotate at very high speeds or very high speeds. This means that if the machine is not level with the ground, it will tip over and be prone to tipping over. Due to its heavy weight, there is a high possibility that things inside the device will be damaged.

4. Do not ignore regular maintenance and user manuals:
The user manuals that manufacturers ship with their devices are more than just showing. User manual for a machine contains the correct way of use and the general or specific safety guidelines you have to follow. In the same way, not getting regular maintenance can be very dangerous, as many problems remain hidden until they become apparent and are more difficult to manage. Prevent machine from water spillage at PCB, as if it gets damage the washing machine PCB repair cost is high.

5. Don`t Delay Washer Repair:
Ignoring a default or malfunction can prove to be costly. It might not create much problem when the machine is not in use, but when you continue using the device with the defect, the damage will increase substantially.

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